The art of making more by using less


In his book, Modularization, Martin Sköld shows how companies and organizations in all industries, can release their greatest competitive potential. Although this potential exists, it is often ignored, which means most businesses rely on only a single competitive advantage. With a clear structure, and many good examples, Martin shows that modularization is the foundation to achieving double competitiveness which combines the benefits from high volume and high customization.

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– Martin describes the challenges we face daily. Finally a practical handbook that explains what to do and how to think in order to be competitive in different ways at once. The book accurately summarizes how companies and organizations can sharpen their competitive edge in an ever-changing world using simple and smart tools. Read it!

Azita Shariati, CEO

Sodexo AB

– This book clarifies to us at Scania what lies behind our success. It explains the thoughts and actions underlying the concepts that have long been part of our culture, but which can be difficult to understand. The book is easy to read and pedagogical, but with sharp insights. Next time someone asks me why Scania is a successful company, I will answer; “It is because Scania has solved the tradeoff between volume and customization!” We will use this book as our handbook at Scania, so that our employees can better grasp why we do the things we do. If you want to understand why and how – read the book!

Henrik Henriksson, President and CEO



Martin Sköld is a researcher at the Stockholm School of Economics and divides his time between academia and industry. Brought up in a family business and with fifteen years of management research in major international corporations, he has acquired unique competencies and extensive knowledge within his field.

He is a very popular speaker for managers and leaders at all organizational levels. Martin Sköld holds several directorships, including the NASDAQ listed company Concentric. He is chairman of Vedum Kök & Bad, and Kvänum Kök.

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